4 reasons why donors give, and what your nonprofit needs to do about it!

There are lots of reasons why people donate to nonprofits and causes. Below are 4 of the top reasons why people give and how your nonprofit can incorporate these reasons into your next fundraising strategy:   Someone asked them to.   Thats right, just ask. Sometimes this ask is done by ambassadors, people who are passionate about your cause, who ask their friends and family to donate to a cause they personally care about. Other times it’s the call to action button on your website. What? You don’t have a call to action on your site? Lots of nonprofits have fancy website but they forget to include the ask and make it easy for donors to give.   The story moved them.   People are moved when they can connect to a single person, one story. It is important to gather stories from the people whose lives are being changed by your organization and tell their personal stories…individually, not as a group.  Using powerful photos of these individuals will have a major impact on supporters.   They want to be seen as leaders and/or giving is “cool”.   Well if giving is cool, make your donor feel like a superhero! Thank them and in a big way!  Think of ways to make them really feel appreciated and an automated email thank you won’t do the trick. Be sure to brainstorm ideas to show appreciation to your donors, offer them other ways to be a part of your organization, ask them for input on event planning, offer volunteer opportunities, create ambassadors!   They want to feel like they are making... read more

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